Cuvitek Group: IT Specialists. A company specialized in software development for Retail, Self-Service, Wholesale eCommerce, Dark Store, Point of Sale.

We are Cuvitek

We were born in 2005 with a clear mission: to enhance business processes for grocery retailers.Our services include software development, specialized computing sales, and business consulting.






Field sales




We have amassed a profound understanding of the commercial sector

We collaborate with over 100 clients, 150 field sales representatives, and 500 branches. Our operations span across Mexico and extend into North American territories as well.

We believe in continuous evolution,

constantly enhancing our clients' business processes and developing innovative technologies in collaboration with hardware manufacturers and technological partners.

We have ingenious
and passionate minds

crafting personalized solutions for your company. Our creativity, collaboration, and determination will drive the growth and development of your venture.

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A full range of toolsand guidance from a mentor

The ultimate software and consulting solution

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Its interconnected components adapt to your needs,

optimizing omnichannel sales and managing point of sale, wholesale, route sales, warehouse management, and inventories.

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The implementation of our software comes with on-site strategic consultancy; our personalized guidance in business processes will enable you to make informed decisions, have greater control over your company, and achieve your goals.

Your business success is our journey.

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Sale of spatialized computer equipment for businesses

Xtore. Technology for commerce

Physical store with sale of specialized computer equipment.