Cuvitek Omni is the only omnichannel sales system that allows you to manage your business on a single platform, simultaneously considering multiple channels.

A technical presentation of value.

A technical session is scheduled once it has been identified that the following characteristics are present, necessary to be considered a Client Candidate.

Imagen Trading Company

To be a marketer.

They are businesses dedicated to the purchase, storage, and distribution of products.

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Having stores

The Store tool manages sales and inventory operations in stores, in self-service or wholesale format.

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Having a warehouse or distribution center (CEDIS).

With Omni, you can manage a warehouse or distribution center with pallet units to receive, store, and dispatch goods.

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Having route sales

With the Go app, we can handle both pre-sales and on-board product sales, and record the salesperson's log.

Grocery stores and their specializations

Grocery companies have multiple specialties, making them ideal candidates to operate with Cuvitek Omni.

Among them stand out:

  • Wine store
  • Dairy stores
  • Distributors of plastic products.
  • Candy stores
  • Bakeries and pastry shops
  • Boutiques
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Are we ready to have a technical session?

If you meet the requirements for the type of client that Cuvitek serves, we are ready!

Please fill out the form to be contacted and together we can find a slot in the schedule.

The session can be online or in person*, and usually takes one to two hours, depending on the size of the project.

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